This Advanced Physical Theatre Course in open to any participants with the interest in Devising Theatre and in creating their own work.

29th Jan – 23rd April at Waterloo Creative Studio

Every Monday from 7pm to 10pm


In this Advanced Physical Theatre Course a special focus will be on exploring the relationship between the body and the space where it existsresearching the dynamics of space and rhythm through a structural form.


This course will ask students to actively participate in a creative lab, in which we’ll be working with materials, colours and structures. As a result we will be investigating the relationship between structural, architectural language and body movement using basic materials: Paper, cardboard, wood-sticks, wire, etc.

Furthermore we will be creating experimental objects that can be put in motion, (portable structures, masks and
dynamic objects), and we will explore the relationships we can create by integrating them with movement and the body.


1st module.

– Silence before words: discovering a state of neutrality and immobility.

“Words are born from silence. Movement is born from immobility”

– Universal poetic awareness : Dynamic study of elements  and materials.

-Construction of portable structures.

2nd module.

– Dynamic approach to sounds and poetry, in relationship with portable structures.

– Embodiment: understanding  the balance of forces and their dynamics, transferring them into the body.

3rd module.

-Final collaborative devised project.


 “First you discover the world, then you discover yourself”,  Jacques Lecoq.

Our journey is to observe and embody life and nature, and then to transpose these forms into theatre. This is what Lecoq called the mimo-dynamic approach to creation.

Mimo-dynamic doesn’t mean illustrating or describing what you see, but entering and listening to the reality, and then transposing it into poetical forms with your body.

Our investigation of reality will be focus on observing colours, materials and their behaves; understanding how each colour has a different relationship with the space it occupies. There is a space, a rhythm and a dynamic for each colour. Therefore each space reveals a dramatic territory.

From analyzing colours students will move on to work with a whole painting, studying the complex of composition and transposing it with their collective body during the devising work.


The portable structures appear like abstract architectural forms, put in motion in the space. They are played like masks, carried by the body or manipulated by the arms, moving in the space following their rhythms and forces.

The idea behind our work is to recognize the significance of “Plastic Space”. Rather than considering the space and objects as elements of decoration, we intend them as plastic and dynamic fundamentals, fully integrated with the actor’s body.

In this direction of mime-architecture, we will put in motion the portable structures we’ve created, and we will explore how the actor’s body finds a full integration in the space, complementing and accompanying the structures to serve it’s play.


This Advanced Physical Theatre Course will also offer you the possibility to create your own work with a final devising project.

We intend collaborative devising as the fundamental key for the emerging of new and original theatre work.

Training students to look and see,  to work in an atmosphere of generosity, commitment and personal responsibility, is even more important than training them as creative artist.

Certainly you’ll be challenged to trust your imagination, your artistic vision, and other people’s ideas.

Our aim is to finally generate a creative discussion within your own practice. This will be the essential element for the creation of a new performance language and artistic autonomy.


Duration of the course: 29th of January – 23rd of April. 10 Sessions.

3 hours weekly class. Every Monday from 7pm to 10pm. At Waterloo Creative Studio in Waterloo( 10 min walk from the station).

Cost of the Course: 240 £

Early Bird Tickets – Booking before the 25th of December:  190£

Also all materials (paper, glue, paints, wooden sticks, etc) will be provided.


Session is lead by Monika Gravagno

Monika is the Director of the Creative Company called Faccio Cose, involved in Craft Design, Performing Arts and Photography. She is also experimenting which possibilities are available by working collectively with different artists and different art forms

Monika’s approach towards Art and Creativity it’s through sustainability. As a result this involves understanding how people’s bodies can function with a sustainable practice that doesn’t exhaust the body and the mind, and how sustainable materials can optimize waste and create the lowest environmental impact.