Faccio Cose is a creative, craft based, dynamic, collaborative, environmentally friendly, and FRIENDLY in any sense, COMPANY. (Do you think are there too many adjectives?...Well, maybe there are!) 

We work with up-cycled materials, trying to create the lowest environmental impact.

We apply different art forms; from Craft design to Performing Arts, to Creative Writing to Photography and Illustration. We truly believe there are no limits between disciplines, just potential links to be explored. We love Art as much as we love Science and Nature, as much as we love eating apples under

autumn trees and riding a bike on a Sunday evening! Ah!

Faccio Cose is based in London but it’s emotionally and geographically homeless. Just like a flying seed does, Faccio Cose follows the wind and lands on new ground.

The company is founded by Monika Gravagno thanks to the collaboration of a cluster of beautiful, creative, inspiring and sparkling human beings. (too many adjectives again???) 

The desire of Faccio Cose is to open up to more collaboration with other artists, from different backgrounds, talents and different hair colours!

... and yes, we do love adjectives!